Welcome enjoy the group, send us news as it is happening on the ground on our whatusp no 0044 7939100534.We welcome news about all events on anything, as they happen in the motherland 24/7 to our news desk. Topics are limitless and can cover issues such as human rights, good governance, democracy, development, politics, accidents, corruption, crime, life, government failure and any topic that needs to be put out before the public and shapes our nation. Some may have long lost family they seek to reconnect with and ask for our help in posting about it. Zimbabwe Breaking News is the voice of the voiceless on issues directly affecting the grassroots in the Zimbabwean community. Information dissemination is our primary concern , with the aim of building a society who readily make more informed choices and decisions on issues directly affecting their lives. Such issues eventually come down to politics and voting, so this is the place to share ideas, learn more, speak out and make a difference, not for ourselves but for our children, descendants and future generations. The motherland belongs to us all and it is our responsibility to restore order by being part of the solution in this crisis. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1514130378828155/