American Express NROC Cardmember Services

This group is not sponsored by American Express. The opinions, comments, photographs are those of people who post. The group was created for people who worked in Cardmember Services at one point in their career but the group is open to anyone who has an interest. The group is designed for an interactive experience and requires active members. Anyone can post or join. The Blue Box Values are to be followed. This facebook group is for the employees who worked in Cardmember Services anytime from before the opening of the center until the time that CMS finished migrating in full back to Ft Lauderdale. People who worked in other areas like TSC, CAS/Auth, Credit are welcome to visit the site, make comments etc but the photos and subject matter are related to CMS. There are other facebook groups out there for other groups. Once again, anyone is welcome but let's stay on topic or it becomes too big.