Angels/Chargers and Ducks fans

This is for people who are fans of the Anaheim Angels, Anaheim Ducks and San Diego Chargers! From San Diego to Orange County! Everything NOT LA! #WeAreNotLA I will add, due to other groups and their in-fighting, I do not condone swearing or taking the Lords name in vain! One thing I've noticed is more often than not, dodger/kings and raider fans can only carry on a conversation as long as the F word S word or GD is used, besides the spelling and grammar horrors. This site is not like that! If you want to say something positive like "I hope the Chargers kick the faders ass today!" That's fine, but it is not necessary in every other sentence! Are we in agreement? Let's do this! Go Angels! Go Chargers on Monday and Go Ducks in a few months!!! And if to say the Angels are in LA, you're gone!!!