IOTT Transvaal and Swaziland Borders Grand Temple

The members of The Independent Order of True Templars, Transvaal and Swaziland Borders Grand Temple.

Jurisdiction: the Provinces of Mpumalanga,Limpopo, Eastern Gauteng, Northern Free-State (Vrede and Memel) the Kingdom of Swaziland and Mozambique.

Aims and Objectives: to Preach and strengthen the word of God, to preach templarism, to promote and make aware that the body of ones, is the Temple of the Lord (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) and to promote a sober Youth For a Sober Nation...

Membership: Any brother and Sister can be a member of the Order, provided that they are first the member of a Christian domination, and take oath as dictated by the Constitution of the IOTT, under the Right Worthy Session.

Where can I find the IOTT?: The IOTT is present all over Southern Africa, and the World (but internationally it is referred to as the Independent Order of Good Templars (IOGT)), But with regard to the Grand Temple of Transvaal and Swaziland Borders, one can find it in major towns and cities which are chaired by Special Deputies:

1. Benoni District: Sr. N.W Tshonaphi.
2. Boksburg District: Bro Rev L Makhene.
3. Barberton District: Sr J Makole.
4. Ekurhuleni South District: Bro N.D Mcinya.
5. Limpopo District: Bro N Mokone.
6. Brakpan District: Sr. N.J Nyaweni. (who is also the Secretary of the Grand Temple, referred to as the Grand True Secretary (GTS))
7. Mpuma South District: Bro Rev T.D Makhubu.
8. Nelspruit District: Bro S.H Thobela. (who is also the Assistant Marshal of the Grand Temple (GTAM).
9. Central Swaziland: Sr M Malinga.
10. Northern Swaziland: Bro R.T Dlamini
11. Southern Swaziland: -
12. Springs Combined District: Bro C.W Sedibe (who is also the Secretary Emeritus of The Right Worthy, which is a supreme body that governs the IOTT, referred to as the Right Worthy Secretary (RWS). The Springs district is a combine because it combines; Balfour, Heidelburg, Enkhangala, Leandra, Nigel and Delmas.
13. Whiteriver District: Bro Rev M.M Motaung.
14. Highveld District: Sr. O Rastiane (Which is Witbank, kwa-guqa)
15. Tembisa, Edenvale and Kempton Park District: Bro J Tshabalala. (who is also the The Outer Guard of the Grand Temple, referred to as GTOG).

Sub-Structures include:
1. Summits (Regions) which combines various districts.
2. Juvenile Department (the small members of the order from 4yrs to 14yrs of age, presided over by the Grand True Superintendent of Juvenile Work (GTSJW) and Presidents of Band of Hopes in Districts (PBH).
3. Secretariat Department: the Engine of the order and Administration, Presided by the GTS with assistance from the GT. Recording Secretary (GTRS).
4. Vigilance Department: Deals with Health and Social Welfare for the good of society and the order, presided by the GT. Vigilance Secretary (GTVS).
5. Communication and Strategic Department: Deals with the Public Relations matters concerning the order in the media, and in schools, presided by the GT. Strategic Communications Secretary (GTSCS).
6. Chaplaincy and Evangelism: Deals with the spiritual growth of the order, presided by the GT. Chaplain (GTCHAP).
7. Finance Department: administration and accountability of monies, presided by the GT. Treasurer (GTTr).
8. Governance: The day to day management of the Order, in its matters, decisions and Grand Sessions, and President of the Grand Temple, referred to as the Grand True Templar (GTT)
9. Youth Department: The young, vibrant and future leaders of tomorrow and the order, are well protected under the guidance of the principles of the order, presided by the GT. Superintendent of Youth (GTSYW) And executive, with Superintendents of Youth Work assisting in District levels.

Denomination: there are many denominations in the IOTT, more evidently in the Grand Temple such as:
Assemblies of God
Evangelical Church
Swedish Free Church
Faith Mission
Free United Methodist
Swiss Mission
Dutch Reformed Church
Roman Catholic
Holy Trinity Church
Republican Trinity
Church of Christ
Adventist Church
Alliance Church
Zulu Congregational Church
12th Apostle
The list is endless.......

for more information you can contact, Bro S.B Makhubo- 078 158 0918.

Under our Banner No. Cross No. Crown!
"A sober youth for a sober Nation!!"....