Islamic Society of Liberia for the Advancement of Mankin (Islam Inc)…/english.p…/contents_en/entry_41036 The Prophet(s.a.w) said "He who is not concerned about the affairs of the Muslims, then he is not of them" [At-Tabarani] Topic:"Last US, British Forces Airlifted From Afghan Base" A fleet of planes and helicopters airlifted the last U.S. and British forces from a key base in southern Afghanistan on Monday, a day after the international coalition closed the massive facility and handed it over to the Afghan military. The troops' withdrawal and base closure in the province of Helmand is one of the largest operations in the winding down of the international combat mission in Afghanistan, 13 years after the toppling of the radical, Islamist Taliban regime. Monday's withdrawal operation passed off peacefully as part of a planned drawdown, though there was a sense of deja vu among some soldiers. "It was surreal," said Marine communications officer Captain Anthony Nguyen, 33, of Houston, Texas. "We're not refugees or anything, but it kind of reminding me of scenes of Vietnam, of people running to the helicopters ... just this mad dash to the aircraft," added Nguyen, who is Vietnamese-American. The withdrawal of the remaining U.S. and British troops from the combined base of Camp Leatherneck and Camp Bastion was carried out over 24 hours of near-continuous flights back and forth between Helmand and Kandahar Air Field, the aviation hub for southern Afghanistan. The Marine Expeditionary Force-Afghanistan is the last Marines unit in the country, while the British forces at Helmand were the Britain's final combat troops. By January 1st 2015 , there will be only 12,500 foreign forces in the country - 9,800 of them Americans - to advise and train the Afghan security forces that have been built up almost from scratch in recent years. Staff Sergeant Kenneth Oswood of Romney, West Virginia, is one of the few members of the squadron who participated in both the Iraq withdrawal and Monday's Helmand airlift. "It's a lot different this time. ... Closing out Iraq, when we got there, we were told there hadn't been a shot fired in anger at us in years. And then you come here and they are still shooting at us," Oswood said. "It's almost like it's not over here, and we're just kind of handing it over to someone else to fight." [Voice of America] Humiliated and defeated the crusader forces are leaving Afghanistan with the apparent realization that after 13 years nothing has been achieved, and both Britain and America are hated by the Afghans. It won't be long before the remaining 12500 troops leave Afghanistan with tails between their legs.