This group is getting more and more spammers trying to join. I consistently block at least 30 or more spammers each day. I'm still pretty good catching them but I do not catch them all.

So if you want to join this group please..

1. Your profile MUST have some identifiable information that anyone can view. If you have ANYTHING remotely related to Claremont NH (and the area), you will be automatically added. This means having your town be a NH or VT town, or you work in the area, or went to school (or in school) in this area. Heck even if I can see other photos of your kids/pets/flowers that look authentic, I'll add you.

2. If I cannot view your profile at all, you will be blocked automatically. Sorry I need to verify each person who joins and cannot do it if I cannot look at your profile.

3. If you have friends already in the group, you will be automatically added.

4. If you joined Facebook less a month ago, you won't be added. (If I am incorrect and you still want a join, please send me a message and I will allow you)

5. If you are a member of more than 20 groups (and do not have *ANY* of the above requirements), you will be automatically blocked. (these accounts are typically spammers)

Sorry folks to do this but I spend a good chunk of my admin time on this group add/removing/blocking people. I hope folks can read this who are not members so they can see what I look for when I add people.

I'm happy to add ANYONE but I just need to make sure you aren't a spammer.


I've also had to update my position on 'home based' businesses. I've noticed that this group has slowly been taking over by these types of businesses. I am sorry folks, these are not jobs. You cannot live on these types of incomes (it's OK for a second job, but not a primary one). And as I see what people are posting, its more like 'trials' or something like that. These are not jobs, and most are pyramid schemes.

Avon, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Mary Kay, and "host-a-party" style things are still OK though, as these are NOT online-based and do not require any money up front.

This is a non-negotiable rule. I'm sorry I cannot allow these posts anymore. I will be removing them as I see them. Sorry, this is a place for JOBS, not for you to recruit people for your product 'testing'. (even if the recruitment is paid). I don't care how reputable your business is, I just cannot allow it anymore.


Please don't post anything not job related here. I've seen a few for sale items and unrelated posts. This isn't the forum for it. If you're selling or buying something, try our other group called CLAREMONT, NH - ONLINE GARAGE SALE.

Also please don't bump'd or repeat posts under a week or less. I know people want jobs or employers are looking, but most people will scroll down to see what's been posted.

Any questions? Let the admins know. Thanks.