204 Honda Marketplace

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*********************** Rules for market place: *************************

1) Do not post asking questions if parts will fit your car, help with fixing something or posting pics to show off your car.

2) If you are selling a car or parts don't upload 5 separate pictures. Either take a picture of all your parts together and list what you are selling, post separate ads for each individual part/car or "pic stich" few pictures together and just upload the one file (google pic stich if you don't know what I'm talking about)

3) Keep it Honda related, I don't care if its tools, tool box's, or car audio

4) YOU MUST put FS: WTB: or TW: in front of your post! They stand for "For Sale" "Want to Buy" "Testing Waters".

5) Delete your old posts once your item sells.

6) Dont post a kijiji ad link as your post. Write what you are selling, ad a picture then you can ad the kijiji link at the end of your post.

7) Post your phone number in each ad and state if its okay to text or just call. If your one of those internet privacy, identity theft freaks then don't worry about it just include in your post to inbox msg you only.

8) Add a description of what you're selling, not just a picture and then offer. Also state what vehicle the part is for or if its universal.

If you brake the rules 3 times you will be deleted.
And I need help from every member on here to enforce the rules. If you see someone breaking them then comment on the post and let them know for me.

Thanks, Steven Zacharuk