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Feeling lost?

Before you post, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST.

Don't know where to eat the 'Best Pho' in Ho Chi Minh? Ask a Local.
Don't know where to shop in Bangkok? Ask a Local.
Don't know what to do in Boracay, Philippines? Ask a Local.
Don't know what activities you can do in Jakarta? Ask a Local.

If you want to travel like a local in the SouthEast Asian Region (ASEAN), this is the Perfect Community for you.

The community aims to give you authentic help in any form we can give you for any traveling blues you may have. BUT, you do need to have one important qualification.

For our authentic help to work, you need to be a traveler who aims to TRAVEL LIKE A LOCAL.

Don't forget to share your adventure to us! Do tell us some tips on how to make our adventure there the best it can be! Tell us where to go, and tell us what to try. We all would love travel secrets!

This group is an invite only group. You can spread the love to those you think are into travelling! Let's all travel like a local!

=== RULES===
Irrelevant and Ads related posts are not allowed. We encourage you to share your blogs and help other travelers in their travel journey!

Offensive posts or comments will be deleted automatically. Admins have the discretion to choose which post to publish - this is to minimize spam/irrelevant posts.

If you're posting a link or anything in the threads, make sure it is in English so that other members would understand. Let's not forget that there are different nationalities that are part of this group too.

Bad behavior of members will not be tolerated. You will be automatically deleted & banned from this group.