Agape Volunteers University of Southampton

Agape volunteers is a company providing opportunities in a wide range of well-established, affordable volunteer placements to support humanitarian work in Kenya, Massai, Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania. Volunteering programs last from 1 week up to 1 year and start at an affordable price of £280. Agape volunteers provide you with support throughout your whole time, and there's something for everyone: teaching in local schools, music programmes in Ghana, working in an orphanage, volunteering with a local HIV support worker, developing sports education programmes, conversation work, or medical hands-on placements in African hospitals or clinics for all those medical/nursing students.
I have spent time in Kenya volunteering with Agape and now have become a University Representative to promote its work and tell people how incredible, yet affordable it is. I hope to go to Ghana in summer 2015. Please email me any questions or if you wish to receive any information: and share this and invite all your Southampton friends :)