American Horror Story- Hard Core Fans

Admins- Rebecca, Julissa, Karalyn, Chloe, Lauren, Ava.

This pag...e is solely for American Horror Story and nothing else.


Absolutely no racist behaviour, results in straight off ban and you will not be allowed to enter back into the group. This group is for people from all around the world and we accept anyone and everyone. We are a fandom.

No bullying, or nasty behaviour to be tolerated what's so ever. If you have a problem, please contact an admin- Admins will post -Admin- at the end of their posts. If you are having a problem, there will always be an admin to help out.

Posts about American Horror story, the actors, actresses and the team can be posted about, that means you can post about their time in the show and nothing else, if you would like to comment anything else please contact an admin to approve/disapprove the post.

Cos-play is allowed but selfies, photos and ship posts are not allowed. If you have a post that has someone else that you know in it, please contact an admin.