American Airlines treats our military badly!

My son left Okinawa at 10 PM central time yesterday (Friday). He is flying in to the states for the Marine Corp and will spend a week in Oklahoma training on a new device. We left Wichita this evening to meet him at the airport in Lawton Oklahoma on Saturday evening. We get a call from a strange phone number at 9:00 PM central time, I answer and it's my son saying he's stuck in Ft Worth due to delays with AMERICAN AIRLINES. He arrived in Ft Worth 8 minutes before his connecting flight to Lawton and they told him they wouldn't hold the door and his flight to Lawton would be on their regular schedule for Sunday morning. Ok, this sort of thing happens...not a big deal...until I found out AMERICAN AIRLINES WILL NOT PROVIDE HIM WITH A HOTEL ROOM TO SLEEP FOR THE NIGHT! WHAT? THIS IS ONE TICKED OFF MOM! My son has given up his life, is owned by our government and serving our country and this is how he is treated? BY FRIGGIN (PARDON MY FRENCH PLEASE) AMERICAN AIRLINES? Really? Don't get me wrong, my son made the decision to serve and I am proud of him for it, but when an airline thinks they can simply treat our Military men and women with such disrespect I AM SICKENED! It's bad enough to do something like this to civilians but sickening to do to a Marine Corp Sargent who has been on flights for almost 24 hours, hasn't had a change of cloths, a shower nor a decent meal for all this time and he can't even get to his destination where his family is waiting for him to arrive. I called AMERICAN AIRLINES and let them know exactly how I feel about this situation of my son's while he sits alone in an airport because they refused him a room, and all they could tell me is "I'M SORRY YOU FEEL THAT WAY MAAM BUT THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT IF THEY REFUSED TO PROVIDE HIM WITH A ROOM AT THE AIRPORT". This momma AIN'T HAPPY! And we all know when momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!!!!! Oh, and reason the phone call was from a strange phone number is because my son has no US phone service so he had to borrow a phone from someone at the airport to call us and let us know he wouldn't be in on the Lawton flight this evening. Hmm... American Airlines you need to make some changes to your policies and start treating your customers, ESPECIALLY THE MILITARY CUSTOMERS, with some respect. I will avoid flying on your airlines and I hope all my friends along with all their friends will too. You owe my son an apology!