•please put location on all posts or post will be removed
•please put price on all posts or post will be removed
•please put description on all posts
•please DO NOT just put offers put a price, or post will be removed
•you may "bump" your posts every 6 hours any earlier and post/s will be removed and and group links that i allow every 24 hours.
•only 5 posts to be posted in a 24 hour period, anymore than 5 MUST go in an album and are allowed up to 5 albums, but please only bump the album and not every picture

•please use your pleases and thank yous as manners do go a long way
•please do not duplicate your posts, if cannot find them then leave a comment on site wall and i will endevour to find them for you, if i cant find them i will give authorisation to re-post
•if you have agreed a collection time but then cannot make it please inform the seller as soon as possible please
•do not put addresses on the site wall, please do so via inbox
•sorry but due to trading standards and safety issues no craft/handmade items this includes blinged up items
•no links to selling pages or groups or "like" pages as will be removed as will buisness posts
•no hijacking peoples posts
•no selling of weapons of any kind as will be removed
•no alcohol or tobacco to be sold or will be removed from group without warning
•no selling of animals.