Agnostic, Atheist and Freethinkers of Barbados

This group was formed to encourage discourse between non- believers in a predominantly Christian, Caribbean society.

For the sake of some clarity:

An Agnostic does not deny the existence of God and heaven. Agnosticism is an epistemological positions that holds that such things are unknowable.

An Atheist does not believe in the existence of a deity or of divine beings.

A Freethinker is a person who forms his or her ideas and opinions independently of authority or accepted views, esp in matters of religion.

I hope you enjoy this page and have interesting and entertaining discussions. You can maximise your enjoyment if you observe these simple polices:

Guidelines for Use of this Page

1. Posts unrelated to the group purpose of religious or philosophical discussion are prohibited. They will be deleted without notice.

2. This is a DISCUSSION GROUP. Posts simply proclaiming a point of view are prohibited.

3. Quotes, pictures, video and other media used as an OP must be accompanied by a summary of the contents and a question or position to discuss.

4. Please observe the rules of civil conversation. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

5. Your opinion of other posters is irrelevant, address your posts to the arguments, not to persons.

6. Claims should be based on evidence. A claim must be supported by evidence or withdrawn when challenged.

7. Posts and comments must be made in comprehensible English. This is an English based forum. Not that we discriminate but this is a discussion forum and as such requires an official language.

8. Blocking one or more admins is prohibited.

9. Advertisements, Blogs, Personal walls and any other form of self promotion is prohibited.

10. Any post, whether OP or comment, which violates any of these rules will be removed without warning or discussion.

Repeated or egregious one-time offenders will be ejected without notice or discussion.