Class of 1971 (Thomas Edison High School-Alex., VA)

All communication within this class will be done solely on this
page. I have classified it as a Secret Group opened only to 1971 classmates. I just came back from 68,69 and 70's reunion and had a great time! In other words, we all need to get together and contact other classmates as this takes time. I have been contacting A-B. I have MIKE NEELY doing C-D, SANDY ERICKSON doing E-F, DAVEY WOLZ doing G-H and BONNIE BARNES JOHNSON doing I,J&K. I need people to do L-M, N-O, P-R, S, T-Connie D. Webster, Diane F. Wheelock Hauser-Y.
Please let me know which alphabet you want and I will give you info I already have. For those listed above with alphabet letters already, please contact me for info I already have.
I suggest you start with your yearbook or I can give you the list.