Kyle "Cowboy" Schoening's Fight

Kyle was involved in a near-death accident on 9/26/14 that has led to him being in a medical induced coma. He and a friend were going to hitch a ride up a dirt road by jumping on a tailgate of a truck. The truck hit a pretty big bump, bucking Cowboy and his buddy off and onto the road. Cowboy hit the left side of his head, rendering him unconscious and leading to severe brain swelling.

Friends and family are standing by his side praying that his injuries do not result in any permanent damage to his psychological state. It will be a long road for Cowboy but he's stood up against the odds thus far and is still fighting and surprising the medical staff.

We ask that you join us in standing alongside and fight with Cowboy. Our efforts will hopefully encourage you to help, whether it be prayers, money, love, encouragement through words, etc.

There will be a benefit in the near future to try to raise money to pay for his bills (home, vehicle, phone, etc) so please stay tuned and we will update you on the date as soon as it's scheduled!

A go fund me account has been set up for those who are able to start donating. Please share this link:

Please join us in Kyle "Cowboy" Schoening's Fight!