Millwalls of Barbados (2013) - A Pictoral Compilation

Millwalls are an important part of the Barbados landscape. They are a reminder that until the middle decades of the 19th century, the vital sugarcane crop was processed by the windmill and boiling house system.With the advent of the industrial revolution (steam engine etc) the need for windmills slowly diminished.
The historian Schomburgk wrote that in 1848 , they were 506 windmills in Barbados.
In 1963, exactly 50 years ago, the late Captain Maurice. B. Hutt and his wife conducted a survey, wherein they recorded 130 millwalls.
Since then , some millwalls have been demolished. These include the ones at Martins Bay, The Bay Plantation, Fairy Valley and more recently Holders Hill, St.James.
In March 2013, I decided to conduct my own survey, mostly during the weekends. I am happy to report that after 3 months ( 12 weekends) I have been able to locate 130 ( +7 *)= 137 millwalls { including pumping mills}.
These millwalls are either in ruin, converted and attached to houses, or well maintained by plantation owners.
I will post pictures of approximately 100+ of them on this page.I have made an effort to depict/portray them without any of the modern day "intrusions" (cars/light posts etc) as much as possible.
I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, so some factors like angle of the sun, time of day and other weather conditions may affect the quality of the photos.
Your input (History/ background), likes , comments and criticisms are welcomed. Please recommend to any one who may interested in this group.
* They are 7 millwalls that are termed double millwalls i.e. a millwall with a pumping mill next to it.

Finally I would like to thank my siblings Mahmood Patel and Fatima Patel for giving me the encouragement to do this compilation.Also for the inspiration to get this project started.
Last but not least , the writings of Maurice Bateman Hutt, especially the book titled "Exploring Historic Barbados"