A little bit of Gibraltar

This group was created to exchange sales in our own city. To eliminate the headache of trying to agree on a middle point or the fear of meeting a stranger alone will no longer be an issue. This group will be for the sale of any and all items located in Gibraltar and S Rockwood (48173). Outside city members are welcome to join, but must be willing to meet in the city limits unless otherwise arranged. Please see the group RULES below.

#1. The 4 "B's"...Be honest. Be clear. Be there. Be on time.
Noone likes to get excited about picking up a new item just to find out its not what they hoped/expected. If there are any flaws, please be honest and clear about them. If you set up a meeting time with someoe, be there and be on time. We are all busy and we all have lives believe it or not. We are also human and understand that things come up. If you are running behind or just cant make it, PPLEASSEE be courtous enough to contact the seller and let them know. If u decide to change your mind after the agreement was made, contact the seller immediately. SELLERS..DO NOT BE RUDE WHEN THIS HAPPENS. THEY COULD HAVE JUST STOOD U UP INSTEAD.
#2. There is no FCFS (first come first served) in this group. If u need something gone right away, state that whoever is interested must be able to pick up (list your length). Were all local so im sure there shouldnt be a huge problem with this.
#3. This group is based on individual preference. If u feel your purchase was not fair after completed, contact the seller and make arrangments. A mutal agreement must be made for exchanges etc BUT the admin must be notified so they can keep track of bad history.
#4. Please do not buy something from someone and turn around and resell for profit. This is just ugly all together. Same with receiving FREE items. Dont pick the trash or accept free items and then post for sale. If someone gives u something and u later decide to include it into a bundle u are selling, kindly ket the seller know u plan to include it in your bundle thats for sale. Do not sell it as an individual sale.
#5. THREE STRIKES YOUR OUT. The admin will only allow 3 bad remarks about a seller/purchaser before they are banned from the group. There is no tolerance for lack of respect and consideration.
#6. WE ARE ADULTS. ACT IT. If an admin sees someone arguing or bad mouthing on a post, we will not warn you or smack ur wrist, u will just be deleted. There will not be allowed any phishing, sale jacking, or bidding. If you are searching for something, post it. If you are also selling something that someone else is, make a post. DO NOT jump on someones post and include u have one cheaper or also. MAKE YOUR OWN POST.

Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the admins.

Thanks and happy selling