Everything Free! - Boston area


Hello, and welcome to the Everything Free group for the Boston area! We needed one for Boston, Medford, Somerville, Cambridge, etc! So many North Shore groups, and not enough for us! We like free things too! :)
There isn't very many rules in this group, but there are a few:

There isn't very many rules in this group, but there are a few:
1. Absolutely NO selling of any items in this group, or selling items in other groups that you got for free! (If you see any items given away in this group that pop up for sale in another, please let me know so they can be removed from this group)
2. A location is required for EVERY post. (This includes ISO posts).. No location, no approval. It cuts down on a lot of confusion. All locations must be within a 20 minute radius of Boston. (After all, this IS the "boston area" free group.)
3. If you are the one receiving the free item, you must meet as per the person's request. You're getting something free, so don't expect someone to go out of their way to deliver it to you.
4. If an item is not picked up within 24 hours of agreed meet time, move onto the next person. It's rude to keep someone waiting.
5. Bumps are allowed, but only ONE every 48 hours. Do not repost your items, bump the post according to the guidelines. -- Do not comment on your post unless responding to another person.
6. No giving away animals or any illegal items. (i.e, weapons, drugs, knock-off anything, adult items, etc.)
7. No spam. (But that should be obvious)
Rules for Posting an "ISO:"
1. No sob stories about how you're helping someone in need, you're in need, etc. If you're posting an "ISO" post, just say what you're looking for. Example: NOT Allowed: "ISO, Dinosaur toys for a family in need" Allowed: "ISO, dinosaur toys. Located in Cambridge, can meet" Any posts with extended details, will be deleted.

2. ALL ISO posts, must be in the comment section of the ISO document, pinned to the top of the group. This cuts down on the page being clogged by people asking for items.

3. In order to post an ISO, you must also give back to the group. Anyone caught posting multiple ISO posts, that hasn't given back will be warned. If done again, they will be removed.

4. Items offered for your required offer obviously don't have to be in perfect/new condition, however they must be in fairly good condition. For example, no giving away a pair of shoes that your dog chewed up because you were going to throw them out.

*Any post not following these rules will be deleted/not approved.
Have fun, no drama, and respect one another.

Thank you for joining! Feel free to invite your friends/family from the area so they can get in on the fun too! :)