WHY DON’T YOU HAVE CHILDREN OF YOUR OWN BLOOD? The world is already too populated. To have children is a crime – and the very idea of your own blood is possessive, monopolistic, capitalistic. Why my own blood? What speciality has my blood got? The blood of a beggar and the blood of an emperor are not different; it is not that the blood of the poor is water and the blood of the emperor is pure gold. I love children; it does not matter to whom they belong. In fact, it is easier to love the children of other people than your own children; they are such a pain in the neck. To love somebody else’s children is perfectly good: they are always nice, beautiful, angels. But if you are thinking of your own blood, those same angels will turn into devils. I love children – and there are so many children in the world, what is the need to create my own children and go through this nuisance? When other people are going through the nuisance, I can just enjoy the fragrance of the children. And particularly at this time every intelligent person should stop producing children, adopt the children of the poor, find beautiful children who are dying of hunger. But my love towards children is just like loving flowers. I love flowers, but that does not mean that I have to pluck those flowers and bring them into my house and decorate a flowerpot. That is ugly.
Wherever I meet children, I have immense love towards them, but that is enough. I don’t cut their heads off and collect them in my room. Alive I cannot tolerate them; dead... it won’t look right. And what need have I? – I have so many sannyasins who are everything to me. They are my family, they
are my friends, they are the ones who are my children. There are elderly sannyasins who are my fathers, my uncles, my mothers. I have got so many people, such a big family – and one which has never existed in the world before. OshO
Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries 235