Are you still looking for one way or the other to make some cash?
If I can introduce you to an online mini importation biz that can make you cool N100k-N400k every month,will you be interested?
What if I promise to expose the secrets of all BIG importers,would you still be interested?
Do you want to learn how to start importation of(male and female fashion clothing/accessories,computer & electronic components,phones,tablets,toys,light & heavy duty machinery,electronic gadgets,jeweleries, etc.)from China,USA,UK @ ridiculously low prices and sell @ over 200%-500% profits margin??
Make purchases from these countries using your local ATM cards,or using a 3rd party shipping company.
Get the items shipped to your doorstep or the nearest post office closest to you.
Chat online real-time with the sellers
Over a million items to choose from
You can start with as low as N10,000(no kidding)
Your payment is secure as you only ask payment to be released to seller on your receipt of ordered goods and satisfaction. (Escrow services)
All these and many more for you to learn as you enroll in our online class for full in-depth tutorials. All questions answered,No holds barred session.
Enroll now and join the next batch of 'Future' importers whose training commences on 16th May @ 10am prompt.
Subsidized training fee: N2,500
To your success
For inquiries:
BBM: 28A1A1F0
Whatsapp: 08056715350
Mobile: 08168256541
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