You From The Delta Ain'tchu?

Stuff you remember. Stuff you wanta forget. Stuff you loved or disliked. Why you left or stayed. How The Delta made you what you are. Whatchu want to never change and whatchu wish would change tomorrow. Best and worst memories. Secret stuff (won't nobody tell, trust us).

Please don't publish your novellas here. You're welcome to mention your Delta related stuff for sale, especially things you've made, photos you took or something you've written. Just be reasonable, and, if you can, direct readers to your website to review your items. Feel free to invite friends; others who share your heritage, religion, ethnicity, occupational pursuit, hobbies and oddities. And let us know if your community is having an event that might be of interest Delta-Wide.

Politics, race and religion are fine to mention if it contributes to overall understanding of, appreciation for and memories regarding the Delta. Try not to be thin-skinned or abusive. This is not a place for protracted political discussions.

If you lived in the Delta, had roots here, transitioned through here, stayed, left or just loved or hated it.........WELCOME. Ain't settin' many rules, if any, just a few suggestions.