GMO Free Australia

We don't need labels.
We don't need or want GMO's at all.

We n...eed to CHANGE who is in control of our food supply and take out all the poisonous GMO's that have been circulating and infecting it.

Plant new healthy NON GMO crops all around Australia and the world.
We don't need to pass restrictions on pesticides and herbicides. We need to completely ban them our right. There is no need!.

We can use science in the advancements of Agriculture, sure!.

For making sure its good healthy crops we are growing and eating. Not poisoning us and infecting us.

Maybe use science to create a huge net to protect crops. Instead of pesticides.

Maybe use science to build better machines to harvest the crops more efficiently and environmentally friendly.

We don't need science to poisons us, or all the plants, or all the insects and animals that also eat the food.

Insects are a very important part to life.

If they die, we die.

Any link from the chain of Life breaks down, we break down.

We MUST and WILL save our food, our bodies, our brains, our health, our lives.