Cats Lovers

A Group for anyone loves cats ♥
This is a "fun-loving" easy goin...g group for people to share their pictures, stories and queries related to their four legged friends.

*Please be courteous of others. Discussions and differing opinions are allowed (unless condoning cruelty) but rudeness and direct personal insults will not be tolerated.

*Asking for support i.e. money for or sharing rescues in need of homes is allowed however anyone choosing to send money does so at their own risk and if admin see's evidence of fraud or fake claims, the post will be removed and the person responsible.

*No supporters or posting of animal cruelty.
Any posts or pictures promoting cruelty will be removed and the person responsible will also be removed. Discussing cases is allowed preferably without visible pictures. Links can be shared so people can choose to or not to view stories.

*Please check your photo permissions before sharing them with the group. There's nothing I dislike seeing more than "Attachment Unavailable". If your post disappears, Check your picture settings and repost it.

*No Spammers!
Spammers will be deleted so if on joining everyone could post an intro or a photo of their cat it would be good thanks :