Owosso&Corunna Name Brand Clothing, Handbags & Accessories

This site is to sell All your New & Used Name Brand Clothing.
Create an album to share your items & make sure to include a Description & Price. In the description state; Brand, Size and price. Only Excellent used clothes please. Nothing with holes, stains or cosmetic flaws. If you are not able to make an album that's not a problem just make your post and in the "comment" section add your photo's and descriptions. If you inquire about something that does not mean you are interested. Only once you "Comment, Interested" on the post put's you inline for it. Also, when you are interested in someone's item it is your responsibility to Pm (Personal Message) the seller to arrange a pickup, this ensure's once again that you are interested in their item. Please only bump your Albums or Posts Every 48 hours. Lastly be considerate to other's and their time. Most of you have sold on these sites before most likely and know what it's like to set up a meet and have the buyer not show. It's a complete waste of your time and will also not be tolerated. 3 Strikes and your out. If something comes up just contact the other person and let them know. Hope everyone enjoys this site and finds what they are looking for :)