Centennial Hills Hand-Made & At-Home Businesses

***If these rules are violated, you will be deleted at the admin’s discretion***

1. FOR ALL POSTS- Please post your cross streets (or business location), item condition and details, and asking price on your photos. If you are selling multiples of the same item, please post them all at once, not in separate posts.

2. If you are interested in the item, please comment with serious intent to buy or ask a question. Do not just write “interested”, as this does not tell the seller enough information to hold the item. If you commit to purchase an item, please follow through with it! If someone else posts a name of a friend, we will leave it up to the seller if they can wait for a response or if they need to move forward. SELLERS: You MUST sell the items in the order that people comment. You cannot “skip” someone until they have failed to respond for 3 hours (unless they have told you they were unavailable for that time). Please post FCFS (first come first serve) or No Holds if you need the item to go quickly.

3. When you comment, please let the buyer know when you plan to pick up if you are taking the item. If you will be at work all day or not available till the next day, please let the seller know that. You can also personal message (also known as a PM) them your cell number and time to contact you. Communication is the key!!

4. Please Bump your item Once a day.
What does "Bump" mean? It's simple: Write "bump" in the comment section on your post and the post will jump back to the top of the page.

5. No posting the same item over and over. Just "bump" the item. If you repeatedly post the same item instead of bumping it, we will remove you.

6. If you block any Admins you will be banned from the group. We can still see your posts ;)

7.Please, no drama! Absolutely NO making Rant posts! Do not tag a person's name just because you are mad at them! Please get a hold of an Admin.

8. If you make arrangements for a custom item, you can not cancel your order! If someone does this and it is reported, you will be removed from the group immediately!

** Please keep in mind the majority of sellers on this page are in the Centennial Hills area. If you live 5 miles or more outside that area, we welcome you to participate. Please note, however, that you may have to meet potential buyers in the Centennial Hills area. If something is too far out of your area, either agree to meet or move on to the next person.

*'No holds' means that the seller does not wish to hold the item for you. If you like an item that says "No Holds" that simply means that you need to be prepared to pick up the item As Soon As Possible. The seller may choose to move onto the next person if you do not respond in the time frame that the seller had in mind. This applies to "No Long Holds" as well.

Have fun and Happy Selling!
-Amber Gaines