Hopkins Belize Beach Group

Hopkins, Belize is located centrally on the beautiful coast of Belize, close to all of the natural wonders located in this Caribbean/Central American English speaking country. Reef, river, and rainforest are all accessible from Hopkins. Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve, the worlds only Jaguar preserve is located only 12 miles away. The Sittee River, a quintessential jungle river, runs into the azure waters of the Caribbean only a mile south, with its own special ambiance of deep, slow moving water. At least 10 waterfall hikes are close by, allowing a sweaty hike through the jungle, followed by a refreshing swim in clear pools below the falls.
The cultural divesity of Hopkins and Sittee River Village begins with the majority of Garifuna people in Hopkins, a mix of African and Carib Indians.
Mayan, Meztiso and Spanish and Creole all live together along with some Chinese and of course, a variety of caucasion descents.A peaceful morning in this seafront paradise, usually starts with a cup of Guatamalan coffee enjoyed on the dock while watching the local fisherman paddle thier dugouts out for a morning of fishing for snapper, jacks and grouper. Hopkins Belize is a great place to plan a vacation that can be anything you want. A romantic get-away or honeymoon, and adventure and action filled vacation exploriung caves, Mayan Ruins, rainforest and of course the second largest Barrier reef in the world for great diving, snorkeling and fishing. In invite anyone who has visited the area to post photos of this wonderous place and thier experiences as well. And for those who have never been here, live vicariously through the exploits of those who have lived or are living the dream......