You know you're from Pratt City (Birmingham, Alabama) when......

Birmingham Bear loves his city!...CAP is Downtown! CAP is City Action Partnership, a nonprofit organization enabled by state legislation and city ordinance to provides services in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Since 1995, CAP has worked in partnership with government, businesses, residents and particularly, the Birmingham Police Department to improve safety and perception of safety to those who work, live, or visit the heart of the city. During that time, crime has plummeted 64%, making the downtown comparable to the safest cities in the metro area. The CAPs in red shirts and black pants are familiar sights as they ride their bikes or patrol in vehicles with rotating green lights, adding an element of security and friendliness to the downtown experience. They give advice and directions, jump dead batteries, air up flat tires, provide security escorts and rescue keys from locked vehicles. Services are free of charge, as the program is supported by the property owners inside the district
What is the Value of CAP? •Safety: Crime has dropped 64% in the current downtown since CAP's inception!
•Perception of Safety: CAP's street visibility, friendliness, and quick response promote confidence.
•Convenience: Free CAP services to you, your guests, or your customers!
•Property Value and Growth: CAP adds a quality of life element that promotes growth and vitality.