I've created this auction to quickly get funds to Silvia Bordetas Gil, who is the person responsible for rescuing my Sara from the killing station in Valencia. Unfortunately, Silvia reluctantly is unable to continue rescuing dogs like Sara. She is very seriously ill and her health won't allow her to continue with the work she loves and has done for so many years, saving lives one at a time. Sara and I are both sad about this, but not as sad as Silvia is. Rescue is her life. The purpose of the auction is to raise the funds necessary for Silvia to pay off the rescue's vet bill, in addition to paying off the shelter costs for keeping the dogs she currently has. It will also help in transporting the dogs because she needs to find homes for all of them as soon as possible. I know you have been asked to help many people in many ways, many times over. It breaks my heart to ask for this one, because it means the end of some wonderful work by a compassionate person. Silvia doesn't receive the publicity or the funding that some of the Spanish rescues get, but her work is just as important and just as meaningful. Please help us to help her.