Just drop your feelings and it shall be treated. Here is no man's land.It is everyone's possession dat is to say it is everyperson's land. EAGLES AND ANGELS is a place of jungle of love of life. It is a golden jungle of love, caring, consoling of people whose hearts are hurt and shartered by d love ones & it is also a place of encouraging a healthy love to keep moving. No rules no regulations and no insult to one another. We all ar considered an equall no matter if u are rich,older, poor, younger, celebrity, fans, business men, civil workers/servants, students, ordinary labourers or not, we all are considered as one and placed at the same level as d same EAGLES AND ANGELS. We are brothers and sisters. We ar all friends. We are lovers. Love keeps us going. This club is a golden arina surrounded by greener pasture ganished wit love, caring, sweet friendships, sexiest and beautiful relationships, a promising and workable gøod wife materials and husband materials, brighter future, pogress, prosperity, joy and happiness. The golden jungle is interconnental were people ar connected to one anoda. MEMORANDUM OF THE GROUP NAMED EAGLES AND ANGELS. 1 We ar engaged in treating so many love cases. 2 we are engaged in consoling broken hearts.3 we ar engaged in making love workable and making love keep going smoothly. We strenghten the weak love and make it stronger. 4 we give various advices of life.5 we discuss friendships and relationships.6 we are engaged in connecting partners together.This Golden Jungle aims at helping those who need husbands and wives for real and not for jokes to get to each other but such people must contact the administrative officer to dat effect if they are real&mean to settle down for brighter future. NOTE: no tricks in dis particular number six cos it is matter of life&death.7 we are engaged in connecting friendships and relationships of the oposite sex only. There is noting like same sex here. 8 we do various talent hunts ranging from acting of movies, all kinds of music, any type of dance, modeling etc and we can help u develop any of ur skills.is group is meant to project all talented and skillful girls and boys/ladies and men to the world by connecting u to ANGELS IN PARADISE TALENTS AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED . 8 We talk about talents and skills.9 W discuss about life in general. You are highly welcome into the EAGLES AND ANGELS the GOLDEN GARDEN/JUNGEL OF LOVE where we meangle and jingle new love songs 24-7 in the GOLDEN JUNGLE