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Hello, Steve Severin president of Severin Hypnotherapy Center. They call me The West Coasts Most Captivating Hypnotist. I would like to talk to you about Unstoppable Marketers. WE HAVE A TENTATIVE RETURN DATE OF DEC. 25TH 2014. They had found a few glitches and decided that while they were fixing the glitches that they would go ahead and make the site much better. Unstoppable Marketers is a viral Video Marketing software. Here is your chance to join a company that is all about giving you the right tools and training to truly have the laptop lifestyle. Not only that but they have built their own frickin YouTube for the network marketing industry. Did you know that by 2017 80% of all marketing will be done by VIDEO. This will help any business online or off, rank their videos higher on the search engines than any other sharing and hosting site by putting your videos through their patented software. You will be able to make a video, send it with one click to multiple sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, and rank higher in the search engines. To find out why when this company goes to 100,000 paid members, You were glad you got in on the ground floor of Unstoppable Marketers. Join our Corporate Hangouts on every Monday & Thursday at 9pm eastern at You can also go to our facebook fan page at Severin Hypnotherapy Center to find the link to the hangouts. Unstoppable Marketers is going to be back online soon. They have an awesome new Sales Video and Compensation plan. Check out the Corporate Hangout every Monday & Thursday at 9pm EST at this link : . When we are back up and running and you decide to JOIN, go to this link and JOIN :…/index.html… They will be giving us capture pages, tools to market our videos, instructional videos and much, much more.
We here at Severin Hynotherapy Center would like to give you a free instructional video called the Video Marketers Master Class. This video will teach you how to make videos, with or without a camera. How to market your videos to give your business the KICK IN THE PANTS it needs right now in this economy. This instructional video helps not only online businesses but the offline ones too!!! Go To:
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