Help buy Mrs. Toland a Kindle! Calling students past and present!

Hey guys! As you may know, Mrs. Toland has begun treatment (surg...ery, chemotherapy) for breast cancer. She has made comments to her class about how she wants a Kindle (e-reader), but has yet to buy one. I think it would be a really awesome gesture of her students (current and former) if we could get enough money together to purchase one for her.

A Kindle, with 3G connection (so she can download books wherever) is about $190, and the version without 3G (wi-fi only) is $140. I will buy whichever will best fit funds. If I end up with anything extra, it will go to her as credit to buy books.

If you feel moved to make a donation, of any amount, it would be spectacular; current students can find me (cash/check) and former students can donate via PayPal or by cash/check if they are in town.

To donate via PayPal, just send me a message with your email address and the amount you would like to donate and I will email you an invoice for that amount that can be paid with PayPal or a credit/debit card (no PayPal account necessary).

If you would like a note to be included with the Kindle, you can give it to me (I won't open it, of course).

Once the Kindle is purchased, I will give it to her husband to deliver to her from her students, anonymously.

Let's get this moving so we can get it to her when she needs it most-now!