Anxiety and Depression Support Philippines

Anxiety and Depression Support Philippines
(since Feb. 2013)

[Disclaimer: Anxiety and Depression Support Philippines is not affiliated/connected to any group inside or outside of facebook]

This group is intended for supporting people like us, kahit dito lang sa group, or through texting. There are no requirements for joining. With that in mind, we have to be careful in what we post here.

There is no rule against profanity or even sex talk, just make sure na tactful ang pagdeliver.

Lahat tayo may kanya kanyang ka-jologan. Ilagay lang natin sa lugar hehe.

Preferable ang pag-join using their real account. Pero we won't discriminate those who would like to keep their anonymity and use a dummy account instead.

No spamming. Spammers will be reprimanded. in this context, spamming is defined as flooding of unsolicited ads, or promotion of products or services. in relation to this matter, i have nothing against offering one's products or services to the rest of the group so long as hindi naman flooded ang group wall and hindi natatabunan mga posts na important na related sa objective ng support group natin.

Any rude, harassing, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The admin/s reserve the right to remove posts or members who refuse to act accordingly.

Please take screenshots as proof of any offense that would apply, send to any of the admins, so that we may remove the posts/members.

Any new members who have attended a get together or group therapy session may opt to join the GREAT group.

Hope we are able to help, support, and spread awareness to those who need it most.

For any immediate concerns, please contact me at 09178414944 since i cant be online 24/7.

-Admin Mela/Mc (Bipolar and Proud)

Mela Cervantes Abrera
Ton Rose

Admin support:
Will Tan (ADSP Requests)