Authors Tweeting Authors 2

♥ PLEASE READ♥ DO NOT drop a post and leave. You will be removed. We're a TWEET group. ♥ RULES PLEASE READ. If you are not prepared to join tweet teams then please leave our group. We work in teams. **You must have 1,000 twitter followers OR promise to get them, fast. Also please grow your followers list. The more followers, the more exposure, for all. ** Please, do not spam/pimp us, you will be permanently removed. Do not tweet hard erotic, BDSM or porn, and definitely NO naked or half naked picture on covers that appear like they are in the throngs of sex (Kissing is fine) and NO merchandise unless it can be used in an authors office, thanks.

We only want BOOK people or office related items as members, thanks.

*Our hashtag is #JT4a

*ANYONE can join any thread with over1,000 TWITTER followers. Please grow your followers, thanks.
* If a member is not re-tweeting you then please write to them to give a kind reminder, thanks.*
*If you have friends you think might like to join please add them to the group. Thanks.
* Anyone can post a new thread if there isnt one already posted for the next day.

*I've started using again to pick up members tweets that use #JT4a. If you use RoundTeam too then it gives us all a better chance to get the word out.

Anyone who uses our document lists and does not participate in our teams regularly (at least once per week, unless on holiday) they will be removed.


The new way "RTs" or klout improving tweet method is different.
1. You tweet(post) your tweet in Twitter
2.After your tweet is posted click on "Expand" or "View Summary" (whichever shows at the bottom left of your tweet).
3. Then click on "Details" it shows near the bottom of your tweet.
4. Your tweet(post) will be frt and center.
Now copy the link at the top of the page. That is the link you will post in "The new way" Tweet team.
After you post this link for the team to tweet. It is easier for them. All members have to do is click on the link to then RT.

To add a tweet to the WEEKLY document : open the Document for the week, click Edit Doc, Paste your 5 tweets for the week into the doc and be sure to click SAVE when you're finished. Schedule/Tweet everyone in the weekly team. One tweet per day each.

PLEASE chat as much as you like BUT not in threads, unless its about a person tweet in that thread, thanks!.