Quinte Area Cloth Diaper Mama's

Women with a connection to the Quinte/Northumberland area who have a heart for helping each other out in just about all aspects of mothering, with a focus on cloth diapering and related issues. Honest. Practical. Respectful. Naturally-minded.

New people without an obvious connection to the group who request to join will be sent a copy of the group rules via pm and will need to agree to it via pm before being added AND also agree to it within one week on the pinned post after being added and tagged. **Please check your Other folder to ensure you don't miss the pm.**

If the person asking to join the group has mutual friends with one of the group members or was added by a group member, they will be added to the group and tagged in the pinned post, not sent a pre-screening pm.

If you do not read and agree to the rules within one week of being tagged you will be removed from the group but can re-request to join at a future date if you wish.

Members who do not adhere to the guidelines may be removed from the group at the discretion of the admins (Sarah Stogryn & Tara Kay (Suki Okorofsky is the creator of this page & also an admin)