Hmong Clothes & Jewelries

I have been receiving NUMEROUS complaints about shady sellers. I am disappointed and have banned all these sellers.


As a seller:
1. Please do not make false claims about the condition of your item
2. Please do not sell damage items unless the buyer is aware of it
3. Please make clear regarding your shipping prices if you have one

As a buyer:
1. DO NOT BUY from some one you have DOUBT OF! If any problem please report to any of the 3 admins, myself, Xee Vang, and Kalou Chang
2. DO NOT meet up ALONE with any seller EVER! PLEASE always have some one with you. Even though we are admins of this page, we cannot REGULATE who you are meeting with, so please stay safe and always go meet in a public place or have some one with you and even inform people where you are going. Safety policy first and we cannot be responsible for your actions.

Please Note:
Hmong Clothed and Jewelries and all admins are not responsible for any scam involving the consenting parties who trades, buys, sells, or gift to, on their personal behalves. Hmong Clothes and Jewelries is a Facebook buy and sell group that allows our community to buy and sell or trade from each other on their own will and does not involve the creators or admins of the page. Please beware who you sell or buy from whether it's meeting in person or online, please take all cautions as listed above and more to protect yourself as a seller and buyer.

Remember, you are responsible for your own actions.