Dear Food Lovers and Lovely Members of Fiji Islands Food and Rec...ipes……
Welcome to the group and we hope you all are enjoying and benefitting from it. It is time we consider implementing some Rules and Guidelines. The need for Rules and Guidelines came into limelight as we, Admins, have been messaged by some of our members regarding their posts and other posts.
Firstly, this group is for those who love food and have a passion and desire to learn more and share their recipes to other members so that they can also try and test their recipes.
Secondly, the members of this group come from a diverse culture from all over the world.
Lastly, Inspiration and Encouragement is the utmost ingredient we can bestow into members who are eager and prepared to know more about food.
The Rules & Guidelines for Fiji Islands Foods and Recipes are as follows:
1. You can only post Food cooked by you in this group.
2. No internet pictures of food are allowed.
3. Include a brief description of your post so that members will know what has been posted.
4. While posting your comments, please be considerate of other members and their feelings. Refrain from negative comments.
5. No swearing, fighting or use of vulgar language.
6. No advertisement of any sort allowed.
7. Please do not tag any Admin while reporting or commenting on any post. Click on Report to Admin or Report Post and submit your report on the post.

Failure to adhere to any of the rules may lead to the member being removed and blocked from the group.
Hoping that you all will continue to enjoy the yummy food and great recipes in here.