I Love Hate-Mail From Other Gamers (DoA)

Rules for Members
1) Anyone can be added from any realm as long as they are active in at least 1 realm. in some cases members may not be actively playing but between realms.
2) Anyone in the group may post their in game messages and comment on other pictures and messages.
3) Arguments may happen, don't let it bother you unless you are in serious real life danger (i'm sure it wont get to that, but any real life problems over a game is just stupid and wont be tolerated) and if you have an issue please contact one of the admins.
4) This is meant to be funny, and realize that alot of people have sent hate-mail in game that is comical even if it is offensive. (i'm guilty of stupid hatemail too sometimes but i'm usually just threatening to attack someone non-stop) however trolling people about their children to get hate mail won't be tolerated.
5) Please try to erase the incoming mailer's name or any coordinates. Really the only part needed is the title and the message, the response in the same screen shot is nice to have also.