Quad Cities For Sale

Feel free to sell your items, look for ones your interested in. Please abide by a few simple rules:
* We will all RESPECT one another.
* There are APPROVED ONLY work from home ads
* NO supplement sales (i.e Advocare, any creatines, etc ). If supplements are seen they will be deleted.
*NO formula, baby food, or diapers allowed on the site (New 05AUG14).
I would caution anybody on buying any type of electronic device, but especially cell phones second hand. Please check them out as far as not being locked or caught up in a contract before purchasing.
As a guideline, not a rule, if you add someone, please ask them to show their location for just a bit. It helps in approving those requesting to join
If there are any issues with disrespect, appropriate actions will be taken. If you have issues your admins, Shaine Mier and Derek DePardo, are available.