URGENT!! DON"T LET THE CBA STEAL THE SANDO !! IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT TO THE RALLY, SHARE THIS WITH SOMEONE WHO CAN. As you may or may not know, Newtown icon The Sandringham Hotel is under attack by the Commonwealth Bank / Bankwest as part of a coordinated campaign to rid themselves of over 1000 business loans through questionable practices. They have conducted this systematic scam through use of misleading, unethical and allegedly downright illegal tactics. There is a senate inquiry already underway, a clas
s action lawsuit and it's highly likely this will go to a Royal Commission, with hundreds of Hotels and other businesses affected and a major uproar from the community. Eventually the truth will come out, but in the meantime, there is a terrifying deadline looming, that of September 13, when the beloved Sando goes to Auction and will possibly be lost forever, most likely to be knocked down and turned into yet more highrise apartments. If this sale goes through, it won't matter if the truth comes out, no remunerations will repair the damage done to Australia's live music scene and the destruction of Marrickville Shire's longest running business, home to over 100 live acts per month, the legendary Sandringham Hotel. In order to prevent this sale, a powerhouse legal defense is underway, seeking the injunction of this sale. The legal team is working furiously and great progress is being made, we are daily gaining the support of more public figures, politicians, artists and the community at large but in the meantime, we need to be creating overwhelming public pressure to stop this imminent sale until the facts of the case can be examined. WE CAN STOP THIS, BUT WE NEED TO MAKE A NOISE THAT CAN'T BE IGNORED ! This Sunday, we want to see everyone who is against this unethical sale of the Sando down at Sydney Park from 12pm to rally against these bullyboy tactics. There's an exciting lineup of bands and guest speakers organised for the day, we'll be go through till around 4pm. Whether you can make it or not, I kindly ask that you SHARE THIS EVENT on your page, on friends' pages, wherever you can send it to spread the word far and wide. Thanks guys, let's get cracking !