ARDS Support Page for Survivors and Families of Victims-Information Page

I decided to create this group to spread awareness about this devastating, often times fatal disease. As a survivor, I know first-hand the devastation ARDS causes to one's body and mind. As a member of a loving family I know the emotional and mental trauma it brings to loved ones. As this group has grown I have added members who have survived ARDS, are relatives/friends of survivors, relatives/friends of victims, and medical professionals. I will try to post new and important information I learn on treatments and/or research options. Osscillating vents and ECMO's along with regular vents seem to be our only option right now. Steroids are commonly used and helped me survive but we are on the tip of the iceberg of researching this nightmare. Feel free to ask questions, send prayer requests, post pictures of yourself or loved ones, or just vent here. When I was recovering from ARDS in 08 I realized how important it is for us to be able to connect with others who know first hand what we have experienced. You will find an amazing group of people here who are like a family. We support, comfort, pray for, encourage, vent to, and help each other. Please visit ARDS.ORG for great information and support. ***If you are a loved one in crisis, please add me with a message if you would like to talk about anything. I am open to anyone who has any questions and am more than willing to help in any way possible.***