Monster Musume *OFFICIAL FAN CLUB*

the one stop spot for fans of the manga and anime.

Rules are:
1: Can talk about the anime and manga.

2: Can post fan art, any fan art as long as it's monster or monster girl related is OK, as long as it's not too much overboard.

3: Anybody who posts anything that doesn't have anything to do with Monster Musume or Monster girls will be banned.

4: No harassment or mean comments

5: Anybody who only comes on here to troll about the series will be banned.

6: No swearing.

7: No rudeness to other members

8. Rps are allowed just so like the everything else on this page they are monster related.

Anybody who feels someone is breaking these rules, report them to me and I will ban them. Send me a private message or comment on this page.