Girl Guides of Canada - Unofficial

Girl Guides of Canada Unofficial Group - A place to share memories, relate experiences, ask questions, and discover ideas! This is a safe place for all members of the Girl Guide world - whether than be parents, Guiders, or older Girl members.

Please be aware that there are a lot of Guiders in this group and we blow off steam once in a while by talking/venting about our situations. No names are ever involved, but if you would rather not see that side of Guiding, you probably shouldn't be here. Guiders are human to and I am only too happy to provide an outlet with other like-minded individuals who can sympathize, empathize, and provide advice from many perspectives.

Please note: I don't mind people looking for the odd badge on here, but I would prefer the selling and swapping of badges to be done on one of the other Facebook groups out there. This way people don't have to wade through a bunch of trading to find resources. I highly recommend Girl Guide and Girl Scout Badge Swap and Guiding Buy, Sell or Swop groups for such things :c)


In order to be approved for membership to this group, you must meet the following criteria:

1.) Proof of Guiding activity (and elligibility!) visible on your page - ie. GGC page liked, member of multiple Guiding groups, pictures doing Guiding activities, friends already in the group, pictures with daughters, etc...

2.) Legitimate online presence - FB page is not brand new, substantial posts made, non-fake profile picture, not a member of hundreds of groups.

3.) 16+ years old - This is not only for the protection of the girls, but also part of Facebook's Terms of Service.

4.) Currently I do not accept men, but am willing to make an exception to this if someone was to approach me with a legitimate case for being a member.


If you know someone who was rejected wrongly, please have them message me (Tyra Ball) and I will absolutely let them in I'm just doing my best to make sure this is a safe place for us and that the spammers stay out!