Hudson Valley Reptile Classifieds and Discussion

This page is a joint venture between myself and Thomas Roberti. It has been a seed in my mind for some time now, and after being approached by Thomas with desire to do a page of this nature we have decided to make this happen. The page is multi sided in a way. It will be a classifieds page where your welcome to sell/trade exotics and exotic pet supplies. No retail sales of supplies please, and also please no illegal sales. If you have questions of whats legal animal wise in Ny shoot me or Thomas a message and we will gladly inform you of the current laws. The page is also a forum/discussion page where everyone is welcome in conversations/debates from new people to the experienced guys. Debates are very healthy and a huge part of this hobby....just please keep it respectful and drama free. Feel free to ask questions and start discussions. The last part of this page will be keeping members up to date on current events and legislation issues. We will post when local shows are happening so you all know, as well as keep you up to date on local/federal legislations as they happen. I highly reccomend donating to USARK- they do the ground work for us to keep our right to keep these animals. Feel free to share pics of your stuff as well as cool things you see online. This page should be fun, as well as a useful tool to better yourself as a keeper, as well as a local network.

GOALS: Education. Passion. Improvement. Conservation.

-Treat others with respect. No drama. Debates are encouraged...but keep it respectful please.
-NO ILLEGAL SALES...know your state laws, especially NY law. Legal sales between members with proper paperwork and permits of course is fine but please be able to verify.
-Treat Animals with the respect they deserve. They are not a commodity. There is nothing wrong with making money back to pay for your hobby, or even making some profit....but you should also treat these animals with respect. Never ever put the animals life in jeopardy in favor of profits. A 5$ animal deserves the same amount of care, even from a vet, as a 1000$ animal.
-Exotics and things related to their care only(reptiles/amphibians/inverts/ect ect)
-No sharing of other facebook groups other than by admins...or with admin approval.
-No soliciting for "likes" on business pages
-Please be a positive steward for the animals we love and the hobby as a whole
-No Flipping of animals
-No ads for trades involving non reptile stuff(ex: iPhones , dirt bikes...ect)
-show promoters please request admin approval for posting advertisement and requesting us to add your show to our events.

- If you start a trade and or sale, and cannot or wish to not follow trough with it please be respectful and decline with said person. Do not ignore said situation and follow through like an adult.