K-1 fiance(e) Visa support network

Welcome to the K-1 Fiance(e) Visa Support Network. This is not a group intended to give legal advice, so don't suggest a course of action unless you've done it, and you know that it has worked for you. If you happen to be an immigration lawyer, your advice is welcome.

We would like to welcome every new member to this group and we hope all of your questions will be answered. If there is something we cant answer we will do our best to research until we have an answer.

Adding new members:
We look over each and every new member request.
Pictures of Fiance and Fiancee together
"In a relationship" or "Engaged"

Having this on your Facebook Profile will help us when making the decision for new members. So please if you plan on asking to join this group have this so we don't look over your request.

We are here to help in the process of K1 Visa.
Excitement is welcome when you have good news! We like to here good news about your K1 process!!

Please don't advertise in the group, you may get banned.

Enjoy your time here and we all hope your K1 Visa's will be in your hands and your on your way to your new life. Congratulations and best of luck.

From your K-1 fiance(e) Visa Support Network Staff.