Hillcrest/Taylorville yard sale

1. BUMP your items please or all yours posts will be deleted. Everyone is here to sell and not just you.
2. If your items sells, please delete it (this goes even if your item sells on another yard sale page) the easiest way to delete is at the top where the magnifying glass is, click on it and search your name and it will show all the items you have listed and you can go in and delete that way!!!!!
3. Do not agree to meet someone and not show up!!! Gas is expensive and time is short, so if you agree to get something, have the respect to meet the people so they do not waste their time
4. DO NOT repost your items!! If you can not find the item that you are wanting to sell all you have to do is search it
5. No scamming, rudeness, foul language, or sexual content will be allowed!!!!!
6. If you would not buy your item at a yard sale, please dont post it. We are looking for nice, clean items!!!! Make sure your items fit the description you post them in.
7. Yard Sale prices ONLY!!!!!
>>>>>If you can not follow the rules, you WILL be banned from the page and will not be warned!!!!!!!!>>>>>
8. All items must have a price and photo or they will be deleted. we would like to see what we are trying to purchase.