Hairstylist Break Room

**** Since this page is for licensed professionals and current beauty students,
please make sure that we are able to quickly look at your profile to ensure that you're licensed/in school. This ensures a quicker add. If we cannot confirm you are apart of the industry, your application to this group may be ignored. Thank you! ****

This is a place for hairstylists to come and talk about their experiences in the industry. Rants, Personal Experiences, Favorite Stories, and any other non educational topics about being in our industry. The Break Room is where we go to "catch a break" from our clients.


1. This is absolutely no place for bashing other stylists. We all do what we do because we are passionate about it. Which typically would mean we are sensitive to our work. We have all made mistakes, we have all been new. Please do not put others down! Whether they are members here or not.
2. No unrelated posts please.
3. Be respectful.
4. No discussing other hairstylist forums.
5. Please contact admin If you are upset with something, not the group!

That's all!