Native / Trail Of No More Tears

"Trail Of No More Tears", is dedicated to helping our Native Ame...rican brothers and

sisters have a quality of life they so richly deserve, and endowed by their ancestors and
blessed by The Creator. To help them get
basic necessities many of us take for granted. We are not here to give them a hand out but to
give them a hand up.

We will not tolerate any obscene language (CURSING) and/or bashing of members and/or Native Americans. Anyone in violation of these rules will be blocked from the group. We will not tolerate racism at all......


NO POLITICS AT ALL!!!....they just cause arguing....

WE DO NOT ACCEPT 'GOFUNDME' in the group. Sorry.


PLEASE NO adding Trails members to other groups without their permission!!!....

No type of advertising is allowed in this group for any type of business, unless it is a native handmade craft...all others will be deleted immediately without warning... If a persons puts up a second advertisement they will be blocked from the group. There are no exceptions to this rule.

This group is set up to keep members updated as to our progress and to exchange information on ideas of how to help give a hand up those living on Native Reservations and the surrounding Native American communities.

Anything Native related....(Historical, Cultural, or Spiritual), Posts about our beautiful Mother Earth, or our Creators beautiful creatures.....Please let's keep it NATIVE.....We appreciate your help...Thank you in advance...

We at, "Trail Of No More Tears", are not responsible for any transactions between sellers and buyers in this group.

Shari Bruton-Armstrong...Founder of "Trail Of No More Tears"