We are now a 501C3 non-profit private foundation!! TO DONATE: DONATE BUTTON ON EACH PAGE OF WEBSITE!!!
Email: Norfolkeagles@aol.com
Website: www.EagleOnAlliance.com and Public Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NorfolkBotanicalGardenEagleAlliance
Eagle On Alliance ~ Dedicated to keeping the eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden safe from ANY harm. Our group will include all discussions, updates, and calls for your help related to the safety of the eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden and keeping Dad Norfolk and the MIssus safe from harm. All documents needed are on the new page under “Files” – names, addresses, emails.

The Eagle On Alliance group is a place where we can work together and share ideas, research, and observations and take action related to the plight of the eagles at NBG. That is the only purpose of this page.

Please don't post updates of other nests here. Everyone can find them on other FB pages or can google "eagle cams" and find a list. Dad and the Missus don't have a nest YET. When they do, we will celebrate their nest here. Thanks for understanding!!!

We ask that everyone be respectful and courteous. We insist that what we say here stays here - our discussions may not be shared on other pages. We insist that any information provided on behalf of our eagles be absolutely factual. Graphic photos or videos or links to stories about injured wildlife or humans will not be allowed.

And please, no politics of any kind. We have to discuss things "governmental" but not "political". Unfortunately, the City continues to allow the removal of our eagles' nests, but we are not finished with our mission - keeping our eagles safe.

Please, too, do not offer anything for sale on this page or ask for funds for any other causes. We offer things for sale occasionally to raise money to pay our expenses. Those will be the only fund raising or sales allowed here. Thanks!!!