A55 Traffic, Incidents, Information

The A55 - Share Information on Traffic, Incidents, Road Works or... Speed Cameras. Add photos where you can but not of actual accidents out of respect for those involved or family. Please do not 'thank' anybody for add as this distracts from incident reporting. Ensure your notifications tab is set to 'all posts' for this group if you want information as it comes in. You can turn off notifications for a specific post as well to stop it pestering you. Older and non related A55 posts do get deleted periodically to declutter so don't be offended. Non UK residents ie spammers asking to join, your IP will be logged and reported to Facebook as a false account. If I cannot see your profile, or information about - no join, and do not expect to join if you only joined facebook in the last week or so - you are a fake just like your picture! If it is your wish to use swear words, bellyache about this group or its members please leave as Admin will delete you without warning. Want to open another 'copycat' A55 group - do not come here advertising and poaching, you will be blocked along with all other admins - get your own members! Business Adverts through Admin only. Anybody posting 'any' type of advert without contacting admin will be removed and member normally blocked. Last polite request - try and read previous posts if you can to get a general idea of the situation when there is poor weather etc or a serious RTA before asking a question. This helps the group flow better and reduces notifications. Thanks all and enjoy the group chat, and do not forget, In between the quiet times times there may be trouble ahead, but while there's members and music, and love and romance, let's face the music and dance.