Tendency @ Proudmoore

The mission of Tendency is to provide a casual raiding guild, vi...a Raids/LFRS/Dungeons, with a friendly atmosphere, while maintaining progressing through end game content. We raid to progress while having fun with one another. Our guild is based on friendship and commitment to be a drama free and tight-knit guild. We are a casual raiding guild that strives to promote a positive and friendly atmosphere, while maintaining progression through end game content. From time to time there may be adult humor, but we do not tolerate overly offensive behavior. Sexist, racist, or any other maliciously offensive jokes, or put down of any member or members will not be tolerated. As adults we are to use our best discretion. Tendency (The Guild) will handle issues promptly and maturely regarding any issues. We are here to have fun 1st and foremost.